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Is it always necessary to replace a zipper?

Our beloved duvet no longer closes! The zipper that allowed us to stay warm for so many winters is now acting up. Maybe sometimes it does its job and sometimes it doesn't. Have you wondered why? It could be the fault of the cursor (or cursors, in the case of the "combi" type) which is the main element for the proper functioning of a flash. Probably the closure is not to be replaced entirely but it would be enough "simply" to replace the sliders that allow the perfect junction of its teeth. Each element of the closure is unfortunately subjected to mechanical wear due to its age but above all due to frequent washing and sliders, even if in metal, are no exception to this rule. However, there is the possibility of recovering a zipper by replacing it. This operation is not, as one might think, a very simple thing to do and it is preferable to contact craftsmen with a long experience. In general, some haberdasheries offer, in addition to the zipper replacement service, also the possibility of replacing the old worn sliders with new ones but you have to rely on competent people who in the best way also know how to avoid irreversibly ruining both the structure of the zipper than the lower opening terminals or the upper stops. Not to mention that an awkward operation on a delicate garment could also damage the garment itself.

Furthermore, not all cursors are the same and it is not enough to read the famous number printed on the back. The manufacturing companies make different sizes and sliders and sometimes, with the same width of a chain (4 mm, 6 mm etc), there are also differences in the height of the teeth. In the case of double-slider zip fasteners (combi) we then have a further obstacle due to the adaptability of the lower terminals which often, in addition to having very different shapes, due to their wear, prevent the teeth from hooking up correctly, thus risking block and definitively ruin the structure of the hinge itself. In this case, cursors will have to be inserted with a real internal width (not just a nominal one) suitable for the correct closing-opening operation of the zipper. Often it is even necessary to use a small press to be able to recover those tenths of a millimeter of metal that the lower terminals may have lost due to normal wear, but also after having independently tried to replace the sliders with models that are not perfectly compatible . Another important element is the aesthetics as the cursors must be replaced respecting the same galvanic finish of the chain of the zipper itself or recalling the color of other cursors in full view on the pockets or sleeves. And the pullers? Do you have any pullers that bear the original logo? Then they must be recovered and inserted in the "bridge" of the cursor with an operation that does not damage them, both in the removal phase and in the reassembly phase. For many years the Merceria Rispoli , in addition to the replacement of zippers, has also offered you this possibility, taking care of your beloved garments and paying the utmost attention to all those technical problems often unknown to those who improvise in this kind of services.

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