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This information is provided for the site " " ( Site ) owned by Merceria Rispoli Roberto, with registered office in Via Botteghelle 10 Salerno SA 84121 IT, Chamber of Commerce of Salerno, with VAT number no. 03216580658, with tax code RSPRRT71R10H703C ( Data Controller ), which acts as Data Controller pursuant to Reg. (EU) 679/2016 regarding the protection of personal data.

What are cookies and what are they for

A cookie is a text file that a website visited by the user sends to his terminal (computer, mobile device such as smartphone or tablet), where it is stored before being re-transmitted to that site on a subsequent visit to the site.

Cookies are distinguished from each other:

  • on the basis of the subject who installs them, depending on whether it is the manager of the site visited (so-called " first-party cookie ") or a different subject (so-called " third-party cookie ");
  • according to the purpose of each cookie: some cookies allow for better navigation, memorizing some user choices, for example the language (so-called " technical cookies "), other cookies allow the user's navigation to be monitored, also for the purpose of sending advertising and/or offer services in line with your preferences (so-called " profiling cookies ").

Only profiling cookies require the user's prior consent for their use.

The Site uses technical cookies as well as third-party profiling cookies.

The Data Controller is solely responsible for the first-party cookies installed by him on the Site.

Methods for expressing consent to profiling cookies

On the first visit to the Site , you can accept all cookies by performing one of the following actions:

  • by clicking the Ok button, I understood this in the banner itself.

On the occasion of the first visit to the Site, if you do not perform any of the actions described in the banner but, from the banner, you access this extended information, you can interact with the individual consent forms that may be present in the extended information where it is possible to lend and/or deny consent, depending on the case, to the installation of cookies by clicking on the appropriate link in the "privacy information and consent form" column of the table below. Warning: if you do not interact with the consent forms and exit the extended information, closing the page in which the information is contained or continuing to browse the site, you consent to all cookies.

On subsequent visits to the Site, you can access the extended information through the "Cookie Policy" link on the Site and refuse consent to the installation of third-party cookies.

In any case, it is possible to express consent to the release of cookies through the browser settings. The procedure to follow to configure the related settings is as follows:

Internet Explorer

Click the following link: .

Google Chrome

Click the following link: .


Click the following link: .


Click the following link: .

In the case of devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc., we ask you to check that each browser on each device is adjusted to express your cookie preferences. For third-party cookies, you can also set your preferences through the site (the system operates with reference to the companies adhering to this site).

Cookies installed through the Site

First-party technical cookies that do not require the user's prior consent

Third-party profiling cookies that require the user's prior consent

Advertising profiling cookies

The Data Controller uses advertising profiling cookies to deliver advertising based on the interests expressed through internet browsing.

Supplier Cookie purpose Privacy disclaimer Consent form
Shopify, Inc. Collects data on user behavior to optimize the site and make the advertising shown more relevant. Consent form not available. Use your browser settings to exercise your options on this cookie.

Social networking cookies

Social network cookies allow you to interact with social platforms, or with other external platforms, directly from the pages of the Site.

The following table refers to the supplier of social network cookies used through the Site.

Supplier Cookie purpose Privacy disclaimer Consent form
Facebook Inc. Facebook uses cookies to offer the user sharing and "like" features on their wall.
Pinterest, Inc. Pinterest uses cookies to offer you sharing features on your pinboard. Consent form not available. Use your browser settings to exercise your options on this cookie.
Twitter, Inc. Twitter uses cookies to offer you sharing features on your wall.

Further information

With reference to the cookies installed by the Site, we inform you that:

  • the data is collected exclusively for the purposes indicated in this statement;
  • technical cookies do not require the user's prior consent as they are necessary for the Site to function. Removing these technical cookies could negatively affect Site navigation;
  • the data collected by first-party cookies could be communicated to subjects who act on behalf of the Data Controller as Data Processors pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR) and as described in the privacy policy which you can view by clicking on the following " Privacy Policy " link on the Site.

The purposes and use of third party cookies are determined by those third parties.

The data collected by the cookies released by the site may be communicated to subjects, including those residing in foreign countries, for purposes connected to those described above. With respect to such data, the user is reminded that he can exercise the rights referred to in the GDPR as better described in the Information on the processing of personal data available by selecting the " Privacy Policy " link on the Site.

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