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Fray Check Prym-Gold Zack sizing glue art.968020

Fray Check Prym-Gold Zack sizing glue art.968020

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Special glue that prevents fabrics from fraying along the edges, Fray Check is perfect for buttonholes on coats, jackets and shirts, for cuffs and collars, cross-stitch squares, applications, ribbons, tapes, etc. It is advisable to test it beforehand on a hidden part of the fabric, before carrying out the finishing operation. Another tip is not to overdo it with the glue but to cut the spout in such a way as to prevent it from accidental, sudden leakage. From personal experience, it is preferable to pass small quantities of glue several times, rather than abounding in a single pass. Leave to dry between applications. Resistant to repeated washing.

Color: colorless

Quantity: 22.5ml

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