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Gutermann HT2 fabric glue pvc leather strass applications 30g.

Gutermann HT2 fabric glue pvc leather strass applications 30g.

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Gutermann HT2 fabric glue is suitable for jobs where precision and cleanliness are essential . In addition to classic fabrics, Gutermann HT2 fabric glue is perfect for countless other applications: leather, pvc, synthetic (except for acetate), felt and much more. Excellent for the clothing sector but also for applying rhinestones or stones. Washable up to 40 degrees. The fabrics to be joined can also be fixed in an even more tenacious way with the aid of the heat of the iron, with dry glue. We advise you to test the release of the glue on a test fabric, in order to gain confidence and thus be more precise and clean in the application.

Advice: If you get the fabric dirty or if the glue overflows from the application margins, do not try to remove it with your hands, a cloth or any other means. Just wait for the product to dry almost completely and simply pull it off with eyebrow tweezers.

Color: transparent

Package weight: 30g.

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