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Double-slider brushed metal zip fastener in black/burnished chain 8

Double-slider brushed metal zip fastener in black/burnished chain 8

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Double-slider black/burnished double-faced brushed metal zip. The chain and the cursor have a treatment that makes them particularly shiny and sliding compared to a classic metal zip closure such as brass, aluminum, etc.

Type: 8 mm metal

Terminal: divisible

Cursors: 2 (comby , no double face)

Colours: black/burnished

Composition: polyester/metal

Maximum length: 100cm

At your request and absolutely free you can adjust the zipper by shortening it to the desired length. After making the payment, click here and tell us the exact size.

Measurement note: the measurement of a zipper must be taken from the upper stop to the lower one, without considering the part of the tape free from the teeth.

Note on pullers: you can choose your favorite puller from all those available.

Note on sliders: the upper slider and the lower slider are normally assembled with self-locking bridges , i.e. if the puller is not stretched with your fingers, this will prevent accidental sliding. However, in some cases, especially when the length of the closure is very long, it is preferable to mount a free lower bridge in such a way that, if one were to forget, when walking or sitting down, to facilitate the movement of the legs by lifting the lower slider, there will be no damage to the fabric or the release terminals. So if you prefer that the lower cursor is free to scroll regardless of your intervention, you can opt for a free bridge. However, the upper deck will always be considered self-locking.

Note on colors: our commitment, before inserting a new product, is to make sure that the colors and shades of the images of our articles correspond as much as possible to reality. However, due to the lack of homogeneity of technological means (smartphones, tablets, PCs) it is practically impossible to obtain a one hundred percent faithful match.

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