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Fireman's hook down carabiner hook

Fireman's hook down carabiner hook

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Metal firefighter hook, in different sizes and finishes. The fastening, typical of the Fay models, is generally used as a single closure point at the height of the neck of an outerwear (jacket, quilt, etc.) but can also be assembled in several parts (generally three hooks) as the main closure of a jacket or sports coat.

The hooks are complete with rivets to be riveted + one spare for each hook purchased. (contact a haberdashery, a leather craftsman or a shoemaker).

Approximate dimensions of the hook already mounted on a garment: S(55x26x12mm) - M(80x34x18mm) - L(100x40x20mm)

Weight: S(10g.) - M(22g.) - L(40g.)

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