Collection: Zippers

We have specialized in quality zippers for decades. Zips can be divided into two broad categories, fixed and divisible. The first are those that cannot be opened at the bottom such as, for example, skirts, trousers, sofa covers, suitcases, bags. The latter, on the other hand, can be completely opened and we can admire them on quilted jackets and sports jackets. Both divisible and fixed zips can then be divided into single cursor or double cursor (also called comby) flashes. Single-slider fixed zips are mounted only on skirts, trousers, sofa covers, cushion covers, bags, etc. The fixed double-slider zips can be found on suitcases but also on bags, as they have the characteristic of having two sliders that close the object towards the center of the closure. In the case of divisible zips , comby closures have the advantage of being able to keep a considerably long garment closed, while allowing us to open it in the lower part to facilitate our movements, perhaps when we get into the car.